Teamwork and Individuality – How to Honor Both

Honoring Teamwork and Individuality

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Teamwork makes the dream work, yet individuals make up the team. How can you consider the needs of the group while still honoring individuality? Perhaps it’s not as difficult as it seems.

This seminar discusses how the foundation of our educational system sets the tone for our ideas about teamwork. We’ll discuss how different types of people fit into the group dynamic. We’ll cover how we’ve turned groupthink into something called “culture fit” and how that type of structure can limit innovation, creativity, and freedom.

You’ll also be challenged to confront your own ideas about teamwork and leadership to see if your beliefs truly align with your actions.

Finally, we’ll tie all of this into the importance of building trust and respecting human value.

Digital Download Includes: Audio Seminar (26 minutes), Reflection Journal PDF, I Am a Team Player Affirmations MP3

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