Core Values

The foundation of this website is The Law of One:

1. Unity Consciousness

2. Love Yourself

3. Love Others

4. Love Earth & Nature

5. Service to Others

6. Consciousness Expansion

7. Responsible Co-Creation

( – Law of One)

The Core Values are as follows:

✱ Everyone has the right to live authentically as long as they are not intentionally hurting others.

✱ There can be no authenticity without freedom of speech. Therefore people must be free to share their thoughts and ideas without censorship.

✱ Having a hive mind is not required in order to have successful and harmonious relationships and environments. One can disagree with someone and still respect their rights to have their own views.

✱ It is important for children to learn how to love themselves fully and completely.

✱ Service to others is the way forward. Education must not be for the sake of aligning to corporate values, but instead it should be for the sake of aligning to one’s highest humanitarian potential.